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Grow Bag™

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Crafted from virgin HDPE material with exceptional anti-UV properties, our Grow Bag™ can withstand direct sunlight and rain for over 5 years. Ultra-durable, to survive extreme climates. Our fabric allows light penetration and has extra drainage holes for moisture and air circulation for optimal plant growth.

Convenient and Reliable Handling

Equipped with heavy-duty belt handles, our bags are easily lifted by hand, forklift, or crane. It is recommended to lift all loop handles simultaneously for secure handling. The use of handles has made a significant impact on workplace claims.

Cost Effective

With a more cost-effective manufacturing process, The Grow Bag™ demonstrate superior performance and durability in comparison to pots at a fraction of the price. Swapping to Grow Bags dramatically reduces grower overheads.

Brandable and Customizable

Gain extra awareness at no extra cost. Have your brand logo applied to every single bag. Available in green, black, and white, our bags offer limitless customisation options with various sizes ranging from 3 to 3000 litres. (0.8gal to 800gal)

Bags Sold Worldwide

+ Years

UV Stabilised
Creating A Sustainable Future